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Last updated on August 21, 2011

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The Mechanical Systems Control (MSC) Laboratory focuses on designing and developing strategies for control of mechanical systems. Projects conducted by laboratory members include a strong "mechatronics" element, i.e. synergistic integration of physical systems, decision making theories such as the control theory, and sensing and actuation devices. Research covers all aspects of synthesizing engineering systems: i.e. modeling and identification, model-based control theoretic analysis and design of control algorithms, and verification of theory by computer simulation and experimentation.

Current research areas include advanced vehicle control systems for enhanced safety, performance and riding comfort; hard disk drive servo control for high density drives; intelligent control of semiconductor manufacturing machines; control of robotic manipulators; motion control and sensing; and control problems involving human beings.

The laboratory comprises of an energetic group of students and visiting scholars from all over the world and is headed by Prof. Masayoshi Tomizuka of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley.


Jan. 6, 2012 [...]

The MSC Lab is pleased to announce that Evan Chang-Siu was nominated for the best paper award at the Intelligent Robotics and Systems 2011 conference for "A Lizard-Inspired Active Tail Enables Rapid Maneuvers and Dynamic Stabilization in a Terrestrial Robot." His collaborative work with CiBER has also been featured in Nature.

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Dec. 31, 2011 [...]

The MSC Lab wraps up 2011 with a New Year's Eve party at Professor Tomizuka's house.

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