About Us

The MSC Lab focuses on designing and developing control strategies for mechanical systems. We are part of the Mechanical Engineering Department at UC Berkeley. For more information, please see our research page or download our research booklet .

Latest News

  • Professor Masayoshi Tomizuka Receives Medal the Soichiro Honda Medal at ASME’s 2019 DSCC

    Professor Masayoshi Tomizuka was awarded the Soichiro Honda Medal at the ASME’s 2019 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference in Park City, Utah on October 10, 2019. American Society of Mechanical Engineers established the medal in 1982 to recognize an individual for an outstanding achievement or a series of significant engineering contributions in developing improvements in the field of personal transportation. Professor Tomizuka’s citation reads: for pioneering and sustained contributions in applying modern systems and control theory to the comprehensive analysis and control algorithm development of automated vehicle lateral guidance, which has inspired further developments in the field.

  • 2019 Carol D. Soc Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Award

    Professor Tomizuka has been honored this year’s Carol D. Soc Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Award Late-Career Faculty Winner on April 16, 2019! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations to Jianyu, Zining, Kiwoo and Daisuke!

    The lab celebrated Jianyu Chen, Zining Wang, Kiwoo Shin, and Daisuke Kaneishi’s passing of qualifications exam with a sushi party!