MSC Laboratory (Office)

2103 Etcheverry Hall

(510) 664-9957

Conference Room

2105 Etcheverry Hall

(510) 642-5109

Visiting Scholar’s Office

6157 Etcheverry Hall

(510) 642-0153

Experimental Setups

2105-2107 Etcheverry Hall

Automotive Engine Setup

Hesse Hall

Professor Tomizuka’s Offices

5100B Etcheverry Hall

(510) 642-0870

209 McLaughlin Hall

(510) 642-5772

For directions to the UC Berkeley campus, please refer to the Visitor Services website. Most of our labs/offices are located in Etcheverry Hall.

All incoming mail sent via USPS should be addressed using the standard campus format to ensure timely delivery:

(name of addressee)
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Mechanical Engineering
(room number) Etcheverry Hall # 1740
Berkeley, CA 94720-1740

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