About Us

The MSC Lab focuses on designing and developing control strategies for mechanical systems. We are part of the Mechanical Engineering Department at UC Berkeley. For more information, please see our research page or download our research booklet .

Latest News

  • Cal Day 2012

    The MSC Lab welcomed many visitors on Cal Day! (Photo credits: Wenlong Zhang)

    2012 Cal Day

  • MSC Lab Renovation

    The MSC Lab is pleased to announce that the renovation of our office in 2103 Etcheverry is finally complete! Our lab members dedicated many hours of labor assembling furniture and organizing journals. We now have all-new desks and chairs, in addition to new paint and carpet. Check out the photos below or stop by sometime to see for yourself!

    (Photo credits: Evan Chang-Siu)

    new lab collage new lab panorama

  • UC Berkeley and Keio University 1st International Workshop

    Yesterday we welcomed Prof. Katsura and his research group from Keio University for the 1st International Workshop between UC Berkeley and Keio University. We heard 10 great speakers give presentations on their research. We then wrapped up the day with a pizza party in our newly renovated office. (Pictures of our new office coming soon!)

    UCB-Keio workshop